Our Story

Welcome!  We are glad you decided to stop by and check us out.  Here is a little bit about us and how we got started.

We have been friends (collectively ) for close to 20 years. We came together in 2016 to help serve our community and furthermore, help bereaved parents. Because there is stigma attached to miscarriage, stillbirth, and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, they are less talked about. Between our personal experiences we learned that a lot could be done to help bereaved parents, better resources, better support groups, and most importantly knowing that you are not alone. We sat out with a goal to let all parents know that no matter what, we would be there for them.  Our Heaven Sent Bereavement Baskets were created as a way to reach grieving parents.  Each basket item is meant to bring comfort to parents during a time where they might feel alone in grief.  We believe that giving back and helping those in need is so important as well.  This is why 2-3 times each year we create a giving back project.  We find a need within the community and take it on as a project.

Thank you so much for taking the time to view our website and learn more about us.  Our hope is that no parent will ever have to experience what we experienced.  But because we know that miscarriage, stillbirth, and SIDS will continue to take the life of our children; Friends for Awareness will continue to be here proving support to those who need it.

With so much love and gratitude

Kristina, Stephanie, and Tamika